About Shawna Wallace

Shawna Wallace is an ordained Evangelist with over three decades of experience, encouraging & inspiring people of all walks of life.

Shawna is a powerful force in the kingdom of God & uses her leadership abilities & her positive attitude to offer tools & strategies to those who are distressed, oppressed, weighed down, grieving & sick. Shawna realized her “gift of gab” as a young girl & began maximizing this gift to persuade others positively.

As a minister of the Gospel, Shawna offers compassion, empathy & love to those in need. She attributes many of these attributes to her paternal grandmother, Eula Williams, whom she watched help the less fortunate. Years later Shawna would enjoy doing the same.

Born & raised in West Palm Beach, FL she relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2006, Shawna worked in healthcare nearly 30 years only to realize her passion & purpose was to teach, preach & offer hope that comes from our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Shawna currently ministers & serves in homeless shelters, in local nursing homes & volunteer’s in the Georgia Department of Corrections. In her spare time, she enjoys her family, 4 adult children & 7 grandchildren. You can find her “promoting prayer” on social media. She is available for speaking engagements. One of her greatest joys is serving others. It’s so rewarding.

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